How To Teach Abroad Without a Degree [2021]

Do you want to work in a foreign country but lack the necessary qualifications? Here’s what you need to know. The perfect formula for a successful change of scenery and lifestyle is to move and live abroad while working. When our lives take such a shift, having a steady source of income always helps to ease the process of transitioning to a new society. Consider it a safe place for you. Yes, exactly! You may find teaching English employment without a degree in a variety of locations across Europe, Asia, and Latin America if you have the necessary certifications (TEFL Certification) and English fluency.

Working abroad

The brilliance of the English language is that it is the most widely spoken language in the world, with millions of native speakers and excellent prospects for non-degree teaching abroad. Since there are so many places to teach English abroad, it’s unavoidable that each country will have its own set of requirements for English instructors. Certain nations may need English teachers to have a four-year degree due to visa requirements or government restrictions, but this should not deter you if you do not have one. There are dozens of nations throughout the world where you can live and work while teaching English, even if you don’t have a university degree, according to our count. If you know which nations to look for work in, you can find ESL jobs that don’t require a degree.

Key Facts:

  1. Patience is essential. As a teacher, you must learn to be patient when dealing with kids of various cultures, ages, and codes of behaviour. You must also learn to go with the flow.
  2. Prepare yourself for a culture shock. There’s no need to be concerned about things like preparing a lesson plan. First and foremost, it is a simple assignment, and second, you will learn how to accomplish it once you meet your class. People learn in different ways, so figure out what would be a fun and easy approach to teach your class and build your lesson plan around it.
  3. You are welcome to stay as long as you wish. Although your contract may be limited, you can always renew it for a longer amount of time. There is no right or wrong amount of time to spend abroad. Whatever floats your boat, go ahead and do it.

Aspects to consider before teaching English as a second language (ESL) in a foreign country without a degree

It is necessary to keep in mind that being able to speak or understand English is not the same as being proficient in the language. Examine yourself carefully and learn about the opportunities available to you based on your language skills. Furthermore, teaching English in a foreign country without a college degree can be difficult enough, but when you add in the stress of adjusting to a new culture and a new job, it can be exhausting. Going into this process prepared can make the process lot more enjoyable. Let’s review some of the things you should know before teaching English as a second language in a foreign country without a degree.

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Get Certified to Teach English (TEFL, TESOL, or CELTA)

Some nations, like as Mexico, which do not require English teachers (ESL) to have a graduate degree, demand at least a TEFL certificate. Individual institutions may require TEFL certification or teaching experience for teachers to be qualified for employment in other countries when it is not a legal requirement. With a TEFL certificate, you’ll be able to teach English in more places, from Cambodia to Argentina to Nicaragua.

These credentials will also assist you in preparing for the work so that you know what to expect and how to succeed on your first day. Furthermore, TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) That isn’t to suggest that you can’t teach without a degree. Prior teaching experience or simply being a fluent English speaker will qualify for some roles. If you have at least an A.A. degree or have finished two or more years of college, you will have more opportunities. Apply for jobs and programmes with hiring requirements that match your qualifications.

Top Countries to Teach In

If you limit your job search to nations that hire teachers with your level of education and teaching experience, you’ll have an easier time finding work.

1. International TEFL Academy / Germany

In a high-standard country like Germany, teaching English without a degree is extremely possible. With a TEFL certification through International TEFL Academy and the necessary expertise, you can begin earning money while travelling through Germany and taking in its splendour.

2. Costa Rica

Maximo Nivel will provide you the fantastic possibility to teach English in Costa Rica without a degree if you are a TEFL graduate. A fantastic schedule, with 2-3 hours in the morning and 2-3 hours in the afternoon, allowing you to run errands, sightsee, or even go to the gym. You’ll be teaching at private institutes, and whether you stay all year or just for a semester is entirely up to you.

3. Spain

Despite worldwide economic uncertainties, the English teaching market in Spain remains as strong and enticing as ever. If you want to work in Europe but don’t have a college diploma, teaching English in Spain is one of the greatest options. The Spanish people are keen to learn English because it is the dominant language in commerce, tourism, and education. In Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, and Valencia, there are a staggering number of English schools to choose from.

4. Cambodia

Cambodia is a welcoming and pleasant country where English teachers are in high demand. Because so many English teachers prefer to work in Vietnam or Thailand, Cambodia is sometimes disregarded. Cambodia has lowered its criteria in order to compete, allowing English speakers to teach without a four-year degree. Schools, on the other hand, prefer students with a degree or certificate, so get a TEFL certificate to help your application stand out.

5. Mexico

English understanding and fluency are in high demand throughout Mexico, and there is plenty of opportunity to teach wherever you want. Because there are so many individuals interested in studying English, from school children to university students and businessmen, Mexico City is one of the simplest places to find work teaching English without a college degree. Because of the high demand for English teachers in Mexico, the government recently established a rule allowing teachers to work in the country if they have a professional level TEFL certification and can communicate fluently in English, regardless of their degree status.

6. Assistant d’anglais / France

Teaching English in France is a programme (Assistant d’anglais) given by the Ministry of Education of the French Republic and supervised at the international level by the International Center for Pedagogical Studies (CIEP) and in India by the Embassy of France.

A total of 40 to 50 Indian students are recruited as English-speaking assistant teachers in French public schools as part of this programme. The initiative helps students from Indian colleges to become familiar with the French language and civilization while also bringing the authenticity of their language and culture to the institutions where they work. Their stay in France will last 7 months, with the months of October to April being the most common. They are assigned to primary or secondary schools as Assistant Teachers. They provide support to English-speaking educators.

Bottom Line

Without a bachelor’s degree, you can find work teaching English in any of these nations, as well as many others throughout the world. You’ll learn useful, practical knowledge that you can use right away to achieve your aim of teaching and travelling by enrolling in a TEFL certification course and obtaining lifetime job search assistance from ITA.

If you’ve ever wanted to take a leap, now is the moment! You already possess the necessary abilities and motivation. Start small, perhaps with online teaching, and then go to face-to-face teaching in a different country. Even though thousands of individuals are doing it, the demand for English teachers continues to grow.

Getting a foreign teaching job

There’s a job out there for you, so get started right away!

Frequently asked questions:

Q. Is it possible to teach English in a foreign country without a degree?

Yes, indeed. If you have an authorised TEFL certification, schools all over the world will hire you to teach English overseas without a college degree. Many destinations in South America, as well as others in Europe and Asia, will hire you to teach English overseas if you do not have a four-year degree.

Q. Can I teach English in another country if I only have an associate’s degree?

Yes, absolutely. You may teach English in more than 50 countries, from Costa Rica to Taiwan, with an associate’s degree and TEFL certification. Although certain nations, such as South Korea and Japan, need a four-year degree, you still have a lot of possibilities.

Q. How to teach English in a foreign country without a degree?

The answer is to enrol in a high-quality TEFL certification course that will give you with the skills and credentials you need to get work teaching English overseas or online. A good TEFL course provider will also help you get a fantastic career by providing job advice and alumni assistance.

Q. Is it possible to teach English in another country with only a TEFL certificate?

To teach English in another country, you do not need professional teaching experience, a teaching licence, a degree in education, or even a college diploma. You’ll have the skills and qualifications you need to get a professional TEFL job if you have a TEFL certificate and native English-speaking ability.

Q. Which countries are the best for teaching without a graduate degree?

Cambodia, Spain, Mexico, Argentina, and Russia are among the most popular nations to teach English in without a college diploma, as well as the countries with the greatest need for English teachers.

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