Job Hunting Simplified: 9 Killer Steps To land Your Dream Job [Guide]

We often know the websites where we can apply for jobs or the best time to apply for them; but, even after knowing these things we land at jobs that weren’t our first priority. Do you know the reasons for this? It is just because we don’t do our homework well before applying for jobs or because we don’t research aspects like career goals, aspirations, company’s program, self-introspection to see how much we are ready for it, preparedness, etc. before applying for jobs.

Once we know how and what the process of job hunting is, we will be able to ace the job-hunting pressure and land our dream jobs easily. This article will therefore act as your guide for job hunting by covering all aspects like things to do before and after application, its procedure, top websites of India which helps in job hunting, etc.

Job Hunting Guidebook: DOs and DON’Ts

Keeping these factors in mind, we have to prepare ourselves for the job interview, so that we are able to sell ourselves better. We can always change or mend the things which are in our control. There are certain tips on things you must do and things you must avoid doing when applying for a job in order to grab the golden opportunities.

You should craft your CV on your own, communicate with potential employers and follow up with them regularly, learn basic skills needed for an interview and mend your habits that can be harmful.

Study your career goal: Firstly, it is very important for ourselves to know what we want to be and what our goals are in order to search for the appropriate job. It is always important to have realistic goalkeeping in mind our abilities, opportunities, and our career options. It is always beneficial to ask our well-wishers about the upcoming career streams and take their advice on the same and then come to a final conclusion.

Exhibit your organizational skills: We often like to see projects which are organized properly. We can also show some of the skills while job hunting. Jot down the names of the companies or employers with whom you would like to connect. Make a timetable according to the schedules of the interviews and note down all the things required to be filled or to be taken.

Build a network on a regular basis: Interaction can help you build contacts, which can help us to find a job easily. Tell the people you meet about your aspirations and career goals, ask them if they know someone from the same field, and then connect to those too!

Boosting your hunt with LinkedIn: LinkedIn is known to help people connect not only with the boundaries but also globally on the professional front. You can create your account on it and follow the company’s pages to know about the vacancies and the job opportunities, etc. A survey from Zety says that nearly 87% of the job recruiters check their candidates on LinkedIn, therefore don’t miss the opportunity and get yourself registered.

Customizing the cover letter: Do not commit the mistake of sending in the same cover letter to all the companies as it will not create an impression in the minds of the hiring manager, instead go to their websites and check their works and special aspects and mend your cover letters as per this information, which can help you get a job with your extra effort.

Making a handy folder: A folder is always easy to carry and can fit in all the things for us. We have to remember to keep in all the documents beforehand and avoid these last-minute running. Some people also don’t like to keep in extra copies of their documents, but we prefer telling everyone to keep extra documents with them as it won’t do any harm but can obviously come in handy when required.

Keeping enough cash: While hunting for jobs offline, you will be required to visit offices in order to submit the document. At times, there can be chances where they can ask for some nominal fees for documentation and for forms, at that time you wouldn’t want to get awkward by not having cash, hence it is always good to carry some cash.

Reviewing past mistakes: Making mistakes in your interviews is fine but not reviewing and not learning from it is not fine. Always spend an hour or so to analyse the meeting and jot down areas where you could have done better earlier and areas where there is a scope of improvement and practice.

Sending in a thank you note is a good gesture: Sending a thank you message after your interview is always good, it is not a hard and fast rule though. But this is something extra that might help you earn brownie points and can get you that desired job.

Do not provide wrong information: Hunting for a job can be tiresome at times, but that thought shouldn’t lead us to unethical ideas like filling in wrong data or false information just to over-sell, as it can damage your reputation in the industry. Always provide information for which you can show proofs like certificates, offer letters, etc. later.

Do not quit your existing job: This is the important mantra of job hunting: unless you find a job and it’s confirmed, do not leave your existing job as it can be a great risk to do so. Even if you leave your job in the future, do it with an appreciation for the company and with an attitude of moving out to learn and grow.

Do not rely on just one method of job hunting, try all the methods and learn what is good for you. Try not to convey any resumes that haven’t been edited by another person. At any rate, read them so anyone might hear to yourself, which is a straightforward method of discovering grammatical errors. 

Don’t just depend on detached occupation chasing strategies, for example, posting your resume on the web and trusting that enrolment specialists will connect, or refreshing social profiles to say “accessible for regular work” without really doing a lot of informal communication. Try not to trust that organizations will make a proposition for employment after prospective employee meetings, regardless of whether they worked out in a good way. A few organizations require over two months just to settle on a recruiting choice! Continue to push ahead. 

Best search engines for job hunting

Post-Covid, many aspects of the industry changed, one of the major changes was Work from Home mode and Online job hunting. Hunting for jobs online helped a lot of individuals and is considered an easier alternative in the pandemic. Here are some of the search engines, which are trusted and recommended; next time you are looking for a job, do it effortlessly on these sites.

KILLER LAUNCH: Killer Launch is a standout amongst other places of work in India that goes about as an extension among enrolment specialists and occupation searchers. The stage has particularly been curated to fill in as an extension for the two understudies and youthful experts searching for work open doors in their favoured area.

INDEED: The 15-year-old US-based site, considered as a standout amongst other occupation entries in India, has extended its span to in excess of 60 nations around the world. It has been utilizing residents across the world and is considered as quite possibly the most dependable work gateways. It is the Amazon of occupation specialist co-ops. Without a doubt is among the places of work in India that accompanies a moderate web interface that permits its clients to look through positions as per their dwelling territory.

NAUKRI.COM: is one of the main Naukri places of work in India that obtains more than 60% offer in the Indian pursuit of employment market space. It is one of the first Indian Naukri places of work in Quite a while that was started in our country and developed to get one of the top occupation entryways in India. You can begin your inquiry on places of work in India inside the space of seconds subsequent to making a enlistment that has a data set of over 49.5 million enrolled work searchers with a normal of 15,000 resumes added every day.

LINKEDIN: The web-based media of the experts has filled in as a stage to connect with your associates and grow your expert organization with shared organizations. Moreover, it has additionally filled in as a solid stage for as another best places of work in India that furnishes its clients with occupations coordinating with their ability necessities through LinkedIn. LinkedIn fills in as the all-inclusive form of your resume, where your association supports your abilities and suggests you for work postings.

To do list after coming from an interview

Firstly, following up with the company is very important. People do this mistake of not following up which puts up a bad impression there. Whether the answer is going to be positive or negative, you have to follow up, at least to get a slight idea of the situation to take future decisions. After you apply for a job, you ought to apply to more positions! 

Numerous candidates ignore great positions since they may not absolutely and totally love what they find part of a set of working responsibilities. Be that as it may, consider this: Even in the event that you only similar to what you see, you ought to apply. 

Suppose an organization asks you for a telephone meeting -you have nothing to lose. On the off chance that you pro the telephone talk with, why not go on an office meet only for training? You may begin accepting the potential outcomes. What’s more, on the off chance that you don’t care for what you find face to face, in any event, it was a chance to get more explicit with what you do need from a business, just as meeting practice. 

This doesn’t mean you ought to apply to occupations that don’t appear to be an ideal choice for you; don’t make a difference to 10 positions only for its hell, however in the event that you see two wonderful ones and five very great ones at legitimate organizations, unquestionably apply to each of the seven. Moreover, keep your pursuit of employment moving. After you apply, follow the organizations via online media and keep up to date with what’s new with them in the news. Remain on track; watch out for the prize! You have this. 

Caution: Danger Ahead! (Pitfalls)

People often make these mistakes while hunting or applying for a job. These are some common mistakes that we can review and escape in order to emerge victoriously.

Not utilizing the correct hunt channels or devices: Where and how you lead your pursuit of employment is basic. In the event that you are conveying spontaneous sends to organizations, aimlessly pushing resumes to head trackers, or arbitrarily checking the Internet for opportunities in associations, you are probably not going to find a new line of work at any point in the near future.

Bungle in abilities and occupation prerequisite: In distress to find a new line of work, most applicants hook on to the principal alternative that approaches their abilities or capability. They tragically are open-finished and befuddled about what they need.

Sending a resume loaded with defects: Given that most interviewers go through scarcely 30 seconds—an examination asserts this time is pretty much as less than 7 seconds—on a resume, you need to make it as alluring and persuading a case for yourself as you can. All the more significantly, ensure it is liberated from defects since it is an integral justification dismissal.

Reacting wrongly during cooperation: Under-groundwork for the in-person meeting might be the greatest slip-up you make during the work determination measure. Be readied both about yourself and the organization you have applied to. Be unassuming, considerate, and don’t be apprehensive on the grounds that you will commit errors in reacting to the questioner.

So now that we know the pitfalls, the ways to escape them, the strategies, etc. we can surely turn the tables. We have the thought process that applying for too many jobs is the key to getting one, but we are wrong here. It’s actually applying correctly by following all the protocols which get you your desired job. Make sure you make this guide your friend and enjoy the process of job hunting!

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