Land Your Dream Law Firm Job With 5 Easy Tips

Choosing law as a profession and making it a reality is one of life’s greatest accomplishments. Some people become lawyers because it is their dream, others because they want to make money, and even others because they believe they have what it takes to be a lawyer.

Most law students aspire to work for one of the country’s largest law firms. Working in a top company pays enviable incomes, and rightly so for every fresher; this is one of the most appealing aspects of working there.

Legal education is not inexpensive. People spend tens of thousands of dollars on a good education. It’s understandable if you want to get a high-paying career at a large corporation. They pay you handsomely, allow you to work on million-dollar deals, attend fancy corporate events and meet the top-notch people from the industry. This post is not about the work at law firms. It is, however, about what you can do to secure a job at one of these top law firms.

I’m pretty sure by hearing all this you must have imagined yourself in top law firms, getting all famous and rich as I imagine myself like a character called Harvey Specter in SUITS.

Work until you no longer have to introduce yourself.

Harvey Specter (SUITS)

The above-mentioned quote inspires me every day to get up and start working where I want to be. This can be achieved by working in one of the top law firms. But the question is how do we secure our spot at our dream law firm?

Before I begin, it is important to know the Top Law firms in India as it gives you exposure to grow individually too.

  • Shardul Amarchand Mangaldas
  • Cyril Amarchand Mangaldas (the erstwhile Amarchand Mangaldas)
  • L&L Partners
  • Khaitan and Co.
  • Trilegal
  • AZB Partners
  • DSK Legal
  • Sagar & Associates

There is a long path from choosing law as a profession to being a full-time lawyer in one of India’s leading law firms. First, you must be accepted into one of the best law schools, such as National Law Universities, in which you can continue your education and earn a master’s degree or begin practicing law in a courtroom. Then get selected in top law firms. (It seems easier in words, but it’s the harsh reality)

Yes, it is fact that not everyone wants to work in top law firms, people have their own choices as there are many options after it. But, most students do aspire to work under the top firm. There are certain ways to establish that goal which I have explained below.

Land your dream law firm job

Name Tag or No Name Tag

Students from top NLU’s easily get selected as compared to non-NLU students. This is because they have a name tag. While applying for these colleges and getting selected, they have already proved themselves. But, “Not all great lawyers have to go into great colleges.”

If you are a non-NLU student, you can start building skills required in great lawyers. You can do internships from these top firms and gain knowledge. If you perform well, you can get selected as a full-time lawyer too! So, after you’ve landed an internship at one of the top companies, focus on landing a job interview.

Knowledge of Law + Law skills + Network = Job in top law firm.

This is the basic principle to follow if you want to land in top firm.

Knowledge of Law

The majority of law schools concentrate on theory. Practical industry awareness receives very little exposure. In this regard, you must make use of any available resource and opportunity.

Getting a law firm job

Intern as much as possible to gain practical experience. Interning in a larger city is advantageous because there are more resources. Attend court hearings, pay attention to the proceedings, and ask questions if you don’t understand anything.

Attend seminars and symposiums on topics that are of interest to you. Interact with experts in those fields in order to obtain practical knowledge. It is important that you train yourself for the work that you want.

Internships are key

You are mistaken if you believe that a month-long internship would be enough to land you a position at the company. One month is a brief period of time in which you can demonstrate your abilities and please your partners. Intern for a longer period of time to demonstrate that you can bring value to the business.

Negotiate with your partner and see how you should prolong your internship if it was only supposed to be a month-long. You may also inquire whether they can contact you for another internship. They will contact you again if they like your work.

Internships are important for a successful law firm job

This allows you to intern with the same team and learn more about them and their work. As a result, they will assess your work ethic and determine if you are a good match for the team. This improves the chances of being hired by them. This also helps you in building your network as you get to know them and maintain good relations, this way they will also recommend you in the future.


Yes, the job you do as an intern is important. However, networking is also essential. This does not imply that you go around the office talking to anyone. It simply means that you establish a bond with your team and maintain contact with them long after your internship has ended.

Interact with the other members of your team. Cooperate effectively with them. Demonstrate your ability to work well with others. Maintain good contact with them and don’t just ask for favours. They will notify you if they come across an opportunity for you. However, this can only happen if they are familiar with you. You can’t just show up on any day and ask someone you interned years ago if they have any vacancies in their team.

Law Skills

Maintaining a good network or having the knowledge of the law is equally very important as investing in yourselves by acquiring the skills to become a great lawyer. You should work on your hard skills as well as the soft skills. These include:

  Hard SkillsSoft Skills
  Legal ResearchEffective Communication  
  Due DiligencePersuasion  
  Drafting  Clarity
  Critical Legal Thinking  Collaboration
  Negotiation  Sociability

Once you gain expertise in these skills, you will do wonders. Your interview would directly lead to becoming a full-time lawyer. A good resume with good grades, mooting experience, research publications is essentially impressive, which every law firm looks forward to in any lawyer. A law firm looking for diplomas in courses in which the firm expertise’s in.

Important skills for landing a law firm job

Talking about the recruitment process, it is simple and the same as every other firm. Your CV should be good and should stand out among others. As it’s rightly said, “Be Different”. After getting shortlisted, you have to get ready for the interview. Check out this comprehensive guide to job application to get a deeper understanding of the issue. To apply for the job in the top law firms, you can also check out the links given above.

Final Words

After completing their education at law school, the majority of students would search for a well-paying career. However, good grades and specialized knowledge are needed for this.

They can apply for an internship at any of these top law firms in the country once they are sure that they possess all of the necessary characteristics. They will automatically continue as full-time lawyers in these firms if they can demonstrate their skills and expertise gained during their time in law school. Being a part of any one of these top-tier firms in the country is a prestigious job occupation as well.

No matter if you get rejected, you can work in a small firm and gain experience for them, and after the big law firm will hire you as have experience and have those skills. If the top firms offer you a job but with less salary, you should not reject it, as once they know your value, they will give you valuable money!

But, you should know that the recruiting process is not an easy one but with confidence and suitable preparations, they can be easily cracked through.

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