The Insane Truth Behind Flipkart’s Big-Billion Day Sales [2021]

Most of us love shopping Online. It has its own perks and pleasures. Availability of different platforms such as Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Snapdeal and many more, comparable and competitive prices of products, huge range of products, and above all discounts.

Flipkart’s Big Billion Day Sales is all about discounts. If you are a frequent online shopper, it is a sure fact that you are aware of Flipkart’s Big Billion Day Occasion. However, it is best to give a short introduction to the concept. Flipkart Big Billion Days are the company’s annual mega-sale where the company offers deals and discounts on most of its products. It comes annually or even twice a year, especially during festivals. In this sale, heavy discounts are offered on electronic gadgets, clothes, home decoration items, furniture, fashion items and others.

But How does Flipkart Affords its Big Billion Day Sales?

The concept of “Big Billion Days” was introduced in 2014, and since then it has been modified and has been evolving over the years into a festive season celebration of people, partnership and progress, and is awaited by many people all over India. So, how is it carried out through Flipkart?

  • Lakhs of retailers from more than 3,000 PIN codes, which are mostly small kiranas shopped at Best Price stores and its e-commerce channels, and on the Flipkart Wholesale app. Through this, members of Flipkart’s B2B businesses made up to 60% savings on a variety of merchandise in categories such as packaged food, home care, personal care, electronics and appliances, apparel, footwear and general merchandise.  
  • Flipkart has over 3,00,000 Seller Partners across 2000 cities for its Big Billion Day sales.
  • More than 6,50,000 Artisans from over 60 cities showcases over 11,000 local products.
  • Flipkart runs high burst brand videos and image website clicks campaigns, which boosts the visibility of the Big Billion Days sale and redirects audiences to Flipkart’s website so they can promptly participate in the sale. The campaign used impactful creatives, which highlighted massive sale discounts and, for greater effect, these were communicated through Bollywood celebrities who joined as brand ambassadors.
  • The employees work very hard for the preparation of this Big Billion Day Sale. They work remotely and create virtual war rooms across cities. The server strengths are repeatedly checked and backups are created.
  • Value Based Shopping: Since Flipkart is an e-platform, it has customers from different age groups and backgrounds, especially during the Big Billion Day Sales. So, during this time, Flipkart focuses on on value-conscious customers to offer more choice to them at lower price points.
  • To tackle more demands, Dev Iyer, Vice President, Private brands said, “The company will launch around 320 private brands across baby care, fast-moving consumer goods, sports and fitness, electronics and other categories”.
  • To bridge any sort of demand gaps, Flipkart extends its partnership with brands. For furniture, the number of furniture sellers here was doubled, to launch more products, there has been partnership with international brands. For more varieties, Bata and Max Fashion also came in partnership.

Big Billion Day is an excellent marketing strategy for Flipkart. People believe that they are mostly brought about to clear stocks through massive sales. Secondly, they also believe that when retailers offer a sale, they also show the original price and the percentage of savings. But in reality, the item could be offered at a highly discounted price throughout the year. Consumers have no reference point, so looking at the original price may feel that they have a lot of transaction utility at scoring a deal on such an expensive item, making them more likely to buy it. Next, some retailers try to sell the items by emphasizing the scarcity of the items on sale. People interpret this in terms of more people wanting the item. This makes it more desirable to customers, who end up buying those items eventually.

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Sales are actually more profitable to any business. This is because of customers’ behaviour, who are greatly attracted by cheaper price tags. People buy more, there are more sales and hence more profit. Big Billion Day Sales is a total win-win for both, customers and Flipkart itself.

Initially, the Big Billion Day sales didn’t get a very good start in 2014, as it was filled with problems of technical glitches, price issues, stock issues and website issues. Customers orders got automatically cancelled. All these things left millions of customers very unhappy and annoyed. There was a negative promotion of Flipkart everywhere and brand loyalty was lost. Customers felt betrayed and labelled the Big Billion Day scheme as a Scam. However, after employees took the entire responsibility for the poor commencement of the Big Billion Day sales and apologized to its customers, Flipkart was eventually forgiven.

Now, Flipkart comes up with better strategies and schemes for commencing the Big Billion Day Sales every year. It is successful now and Flipkart tries to keep customers satisfied and happy during the sales, trying not to repeat the history.

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