Top 10 Foreign Languages To Learn For an International Career in 2021

You have your degree ready, your CV ready, you have a positive attitude, confidence, and you have acquired all kinds of skills to have a successful career. Now, what’s the one thing that can stop you from having a very successful career and from reaching new heights? Well…Language!

It is the age of globalization and the world is coming closer. People from different parts of the world are coming together and as humans are, we need to communicate. If two people don’t have the right means to communicate- basically language– they cannot become a team and doing work won’t be possible. Moreover, suppose you have to go abroad for work purposes and you don’t know their language, you will always be secluded from the team and would not be able to help the discrimination you would face.

What languages should you learn for a career
Languages and Speakers by Millions

So, when we have worked so hard to get a good job for ourselves and be recognized at our workplace, then why let the lack of knowledge of just a few foreign languages become obstacles in our path to a sparkling and glowing career. So, it’s better we put in some more effort and learn few foreign languages. On top of being beneficial, it is a very interesting thing to do.

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So, after being convinced about the importance of learning foreign languages, how to choose which Foreign Language to learn? This article is going to help you with that. Here is a list of the top 10 FOREIGN LANGUAGES TO LEARN FOR A SUCCESSFUL INTERNATIONAL CAREER:


Stating the obvious, no? Definitely, you know about the English language, otherwise, you wouldn’t be reading this, but ask yourself – Do you have the confidence of going up on the stage and speak in English on any random topic for 10 minutes without stammering? Do you use subtitles to watch English movies? Can you converse in English with your friends (verbally, and not through texts) and be the same old humorous and sarcastic you?

If you answer these simple questions honestly, you will know that just learning the language isn’t enough, you need a great amount of practice too! English has the largest number of speakers and if you know how to communicate well with that, then you are good to go. In your workplace too, you would be communicating with your co-workers in English itself, so you cannot afford to not master the language.

French (français)

It is a very beautiful and very important language to learn in these times. The importance of this language is so much that most of the schools and colleges have this in their curriculum. For corporate sectors in India, French is one of the best foreign languages to learn. It is an official language in international bodies such as UNO, FIFA, NATO, EU, AU and more. Learning French has a very wide scope today and is one of the highest-paid foreign languages. The course is easily available on platforms like YouTube, Udemy, Duolingo, EdX, Coursera and others.

German (Deutsch)

Among Indians, the enthusiasm to learn German is right next to French. German is easier to learn in comparison to French. The demand for the language is increasing with time, and for you to survive in the competition you can acquire German as a language. Schools and colleges have not made it mandatory yet, but they give German as an optional subject. You will definitely be acknowledged at your workplace if you know the language. Moreover, German is the most widely spoken native languages in Europe, so if you will ever have to visit Europe for your work purposes, you would be able to avoid the language barrier to a great extent. So, learning German has huge potential advantages for your career.

Spanish (Española)

One of the most natural and easy languages to learn for Indians is Spanish. The syntax and grammar of the language are extremely simple and straightforward, and its vocabulary is very similar to English. Due to various reasons, the demand for the Spanish language is growing in India, and because of this, the addition of the Spanish language to your CV would be an asset, and Trust this fact! In the globalized economy, the Spanish language has huge scope and you should definitely go ahead and learn this language. Moreover, globally Spanish is one of the most spoken languages.

Italian (Italiano)

Once in your lifetime, you have definitely faked an Italian accent and said- Mama- Mia! Italy has a very rich culture and history and Italian comes under the 20 most spoken languages in the world. In India, the scope of language is increasing gradually and steadily, and it definitely has a Bright Future in India. So, if you want to learn the language, there should be nothing stopping you! And it is worth mentioning here that your favourite Italian brands such as Gucci, Ferrari, Benetton, Fiat have their businesses in India and can definitely use employees who know Italian.

Arabic (عربي)

Being a language of more than 25 countries in the world, and being one of the six official languages of the UN, Arabic is another language with great career benefits. It is a global language. Hence, if you have language proficiency in Arabic, then you have opened the gates for various opportunities in business, government, education and more. Most of the Arabic economies are very rich and have a fast developing pace, so they play an important role in global schemes. Moreover, Arabic is becoming an influential language in India. So, if you know the language, you have great opportunities.

Japanese (日本)

The trade between Japan and India is very promising and rising. Japanese in India has a high demand. Japanese are proud of their language and is very comfortable if people converse with them in their own language. So, with strong Japan-India relations and Japanese company expanding their operations in India, your Japanese speaking ability will definitely give you job advancements. Japanese is again a global language and is somewhat difficult to learn. But, this is one of the languages that get you huge career benefits and higher salaries.

Mandarin Chinese (中文)

It won’t be over-exaggerating if we state that the 21st century is markedly dominated by China, is one of the world’s rising superpowers the country definitely has more than just meets the eyes. More than a billion people all over the world speak Mandarin Chinese. China has become a huge, enormous, very big market and plays a very important role in the global economy. It is a fact that learning Chinese in India has not gained momentum yet and there are very few Indians who actually want to learn the language due to its complexity. So, if you decide to learn the language, you will have an edge over others and face lesser competition in future.
Hence, if you acquire the ability to speak Mandarin Chinese you will have a wide range of business opportunities in India and abroad. The jobs requiring Chinese is in demand and is accepted everywhere. International businesses and companies are looking for people who can talk in Chinese and operate successfully in China’s cultural context. So, go ahead if you want to learn the language.

Portuguese (português)

It is the sixth most spoken language in the world. It is one of the top 10 major foreign languages to learn in India. Goa is famous for being Portuguese-speaking in India. So, if you are thinking about your career, you should know that Portuguese has high career prospects for Indians. Brazil’s economy is strengthening and India-Brazil relation is growing. The relation between India and other Portuguese speaking countries is also strong. So, there is increasing demand for Portuguese speaking people in India and they have various scope in sectors like Finance, Exports, Accounts, Technology, Technical Support, IT/ITES, Tourism, and Education.

Korean (한국의)

You know how much the language has come in demand after the popular K-dramas, K-pop, K-movies. Apart from this, even your homes must be having at least one Korean company item like LG, Samsung, Kia, Hyundai, POSCO, Lotte. Korea is one of the largest export economies in the world and the Indian market is among the largest destinations of Korean export products.

The Korean companies are operating in almost every sector, i.e., Information Technology, business research, consumer electronics, R&D, life sciences, media, automobiles, tourism, construction industry, trading, finance, services, etc. So, if you learn Korean, it increases your potential market and job possibilities in Korean companies and companies that deal with businesses in South Korea. There is excellent career scope and like Mandarin Chinese, the competition is less due to complexity. So, you won’t regret learning Korean if you want to go ahead with it.

Being Multilingual is FUN!

The world is shrinking and everybody wants to leave a mark and stand out from the crowd. Having excellent grades, excellent degrees and skills are important, they are the basic requirements, but look around yourselves, everybody is doing the same, aren’t they? So, if you lack the skill of Multilingualism, you would pretty much be having nothing to make yourselves unique from others. Learning new languages will open many doors and make you very successful in your career. It is all about putting in some extra effort for polishing your career prospects.

So, list down your career goals, do some research and find out which language aligns the best with your goals. You have to remember the fact, that you will never ever regret learning a foreign language! Lastly, language learning takes time, so have patience and take a full course and excel!

All the Best!

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